Celebrating the Church and Its Role in Our Community's History

A Living History Event with Biblically Foundational and Encouraging Perspectives for the Future

1901  /  2021

The first regularly schedule worship services began here in 1894, and in 1900 this building was dedicated.

God has been at work in our community and in our entire region.  He still has so much that He desires to do!

  • The Circuit Rider is on his way

  • Praying As he enters the town

  • a beautiful new place to worship

  • The people wait in anticipation

  • Joy in the first sight of them

  • The first greetings

  • Welcome everyone!

  • Blessed assurance

  • The Children lead Jesus Loves me

  • A medley of hymns

  • He is the same Yesterday & Today

  • a young wrangler

  • blessings on you all!

  • A final prayer

    "Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done in this community..."

  • until next time

Thoughts for Application in Your Area

- For what reason did people come to your region?        - Who where they?        - How was your actual community started?        

- What were the challenges?        - How did the Gospel first arrive?        - Who were the leaders?        - Who started the first gathering of believers?        

- Historically, what positive changes happened?        - Historically, what mistakes were made?

Really dig.  Do your research.  You may be very surprised by opportunities to see God's loving hand at work in your community's past, 

and to be able to use that history to speak life and encouragement into your community now.