History Gives Clarity - Lessons Learned

    In this section of the RSN website, we hope to inspire and encourage you in several of the following ways:

  • Knowing that "There is nothing new under the sun," it is very healthy to investigate the situations and challenges of the past, and how the leaders then where led by the Lord.
  • We can gain a tremendous amount of wisdom and perspective regarding our own communities, by taking the time to learn about what God did in the past in our own backyards.
  • Reminding not only our own congregations, but the community around us as a whole, about specific ways that God's handiwork in our community's history can be seen, can have a wonderful impact on hearts, and open important doors for relationships and ministry.
  • Our rural communities can lose sight of who they are,  and this can have a devastating impact on the future.  The local church can have a role in platforming our communities in regaining a sense of heritage, values and vision with purpose. 
  • Holding a well timed special "local" living history event or reenactment, can be a very fun and impactful way to touch on all the above.  In the Scripture, the people of God are instructed to remember the past (Psalm 77:11) for the sake of having a strong faith filled foundation for the future!   

The Photo Above - Pioneer Methodist Circuit Riders gathered for the Montana Methodist Episcopal Church South Conference in Deer Lodge, in 1890