Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Rural Shepherds Network exists for the purpose of planting, strengthening

and multiplying strong local churches in rural communities; and to encourage, promote and nurture meaningful relationships among rural ministers,

equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings.

Vision Statement

A system of relational support for those who will plant or catalyze the

planting of new churches, and those who are already ministering in rural areas, by providing training opportunities, mentoring, networking and ministry resources


    RSN resists the temptation to build programs, or develop ministry relationships around ourselves.  There is a much greater impact for the Kingdom of God, if we keep in mind the following principles. 

• Strive for Simplicity
• Focus on Fruitfulness as being the Natural Multiplication  
   of Relationships & Networking
• Be Poised for Empowering Others
• Remain a Catalyst for Connecting, Not a Go-Between

    These principles are important as we plan and endeavor to see church leaders and local churches strengthened by networking and working together in practical ways.

Keys to Understanding Our Website

You will notice several things while you move through this website:

  • No individual leaders working with RSN are highlighted.  This is important to us, because our intention in all that we do, is to walk out the reality of what it means to encourage the body of Christ.  There are so many amazing leaders, serving God and His purposes, all over the world!  This isn't about any of us.  * Articles will be added from various pastors.
  • No projects or success stories are highlighted.  We want to share stories that will encourage the body of Christ.  But we want to be careful never to lay claim to something that is not ours.  We hope to encourage, strengthen, and remain simply a catalyst for connecting.  So while stories will be shared, specific places and ministries are not likely to be mentioned.
  • No pleas for finances will be found on this website.  Although it should be noted that financial contributions do make it possible to provide resources, and to travel to places where the pastors and missionaries cannot help with travel expenses, the entire focus of this website is relationship building, the shepherds heart, and working together to strengthen the church.