Timeless Perspectives through Living History

  Our hope is that the following Living History video sessions will be both refreshing and challenging.  The year is 1894, and it is a very different time in history.  Much has changed since 1894, but yet on a heart level, on the basis of what the essence of ministry really is, nothing has changed.

  As you view each video, you will have stepped back in time.  Take this time to consider what the Lord may want to speak to you regarding the ministry pressures that you are currently carrying.

  Simply ask yourself whether or not your priorities are fully reflective of His own?  Ask Him to show you any areas of your life and ministry where you may be striving for things that do not truly indicate success?

  Are there areas of your ministry call, where you could be enjoying a lot more satisfaction and fulfillment, but currently you are not able to because of the pressure to perform well in other "more tangible" ways?

Step Back In Time, and Consider an Application for Today

It is 1894, and Rev. Keeler, a Circuit Rider, shares some thoughts with you as you accompany him along his circuit.  You're both travelling by horse, and at each stop along the route, he is sharing some important principles with you. 


* These principles may be helpful to you along the route

that you are normally on in your own ministry.